What is a wishlist?

Haven’t got the cash for a purchase right now? Add an item to your ‘wishlist’ and save it for later. This list is accessible using your sidebar and you can share this with friends and family to give them a hint at what you want for that special day- never get a bad gift again!

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How can I pay?

You can add funds to your ‘wallet’ using your credit and debit card. You can also link your bank account. Don’t worry. You, can withdraw funds whenever you want without charge. You can access your wallet by going to ‘settings’ and selecting ‘my wallet.’ You can also change your currency settings.

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How do I search?

If you can’t see what you’re looking for on your personalized smart feed, we have a smart search feature. On your ‘home’ screen, just type in whatever you need, and we will show you the best options available.

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Can I follow vendors? / How do I follow vendors?

Yes,- you can follow vendors and can keep up-to-date with new products and show some love! Just click ‘follow’ on the product / vendor page. You can see your followed vendors by clicking your home setting and selecting ‘followed pages.’

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How can I access Shoppi?

You can download the App- on Android or iOS- and access the service on your desktop at https://shoppi.app/. You can easily create a log in or log in using Facebook.

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Can I sell on Shoppi?

It is possible to sell on Shoppi. However, we are determined to keep the quality of our marketplace extremely high. As such, each vendor is vetted. Shoppi is not used for one-off sales but by organizations who have great ongoing products and services. If you have a product or service that you think could be marketed on Shoppi, download our business app on the Appstore or Playstore.

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What is POS?

POS stands for Point of Sale. This means you can use Shoppi for making purchases in-store- if you are in a participating store. So, you can check out a product at home and then go into the store to confirm it, if it is something you want, and make a payment using the app. The benefit of keeping your purchases ‘in app’ is that you can keep track of your personal accounts and hold vendors accountable,- putting you back in control.

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Can I track orders / How do I track orders?

On your personal Shoppi shopping app, you can track all your orders. Just open the sidebar and select ‘orders’ and you will see the status of each of your orders. From here, you can see whether your order is ‘pending’ or ‘dispatched’ along with other useful information and options.

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Can I pay in-store?

Yes, with participating stores. New stores are signing up for Shoppi’s in-store Point of Sale service every day. This way, you can easily manage your budget and find bargains without trawling the high street.

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Can I buy from overseas?

Yes. Shoppi is a global marketplace. You can see deals from your local stores and an Italian boutique. The vendor decides postage and packaging, and you agree to terms at point of purchase. You can talk to merchants in different countries live and be clear on specific terms and shipping options.

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What is a Smart-Feed?

Unlike other online shopping platforms, Shoppi only shows you deals and information that is based on your interests and shopping habits. We call this our ‘Smart Feed.’ This way, you can window shop without needing to know exactly what you are looking for. For the first time, online shopping has a real-life feel.

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What is social commerce?

The advent of online shopping brought with it many things. One of the more regrettable things is the decline in social commerce. Shoppi gives you the option to: talk to merchants and shoppers so you can be informed in your purchases and get great advice; follow vendors to keep up-to-date with products and services; comment on products, and have your say. Social commerce creates a friendly atmosphere, provides peace of mind, and encourages accountability.

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Is payment secure?

All payments on Shoppi are absolutely secure, and all transactions are processed over secure connections. All information is transparent, and passwords protect all accounts.

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How much does it cost?

Shoppi is completely free. You will never be asked to pay to use Shoppi as a shopper. You are provided with simple payment options for paying for goods and services.

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What is Shoppi?

Shoppi is a mobile and desktop social commerce shopping app, POS service and media hub that takes the hassle out of online shopping. With a Shoppi account you immediately have access to all sorts of products and services as well as exclusive offers. If you are looking for a local service- like a night out or a discount beauty service- Shoppi can show you what’s going on near you. Plus, you can pay online or in-store at participating retailers. More than that, retailers on Shoppi release new content- like photos and blogs- that you can access.

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Can I leave comments? / Leaving comments

It’s easy to leave a comment on a product page. You don’t need to have made a purchase. This way vendors can collect feedback and you can have your say. You will be notified of replies in your inbox.

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What’s my inbox for?

Your inbox is where you will get notifications and messages. You can get notifications letting you know: the status of your order, that you have a reply to a comment, that you have a message from a fellow shopper or vendor.

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